CA18223 - Future communications with higher-symmetric engineered artificial materials

The SyMat COST Action has the ambition to promote an international research community proposing innovative solutions to the demand of omnipresent connections in today’s society. Higher data rates and shared platforms can only be achieved if a new class of communicating devices becomes available at millimeter waves.

SyMat will investigate the electromagnetic properties of new classes of metamaterials and metasurfaces. They are made of periodic cells invariant under higher symmetries, such as glide or twist symmetries. As an example, while a periodic structure is invariant under translations, a glide-symmetric structure is also invariant under a translation and a mirroring. These symmetries lead to marvelous uncommon properties: ultra large bandwidth of operation, reduced losses, scanning capabilities, and enhanced stopband for Electromagnetic Bandgap materials. They have the potential to meet the expectation of new communication devices.


The novelty of the subject motivates the need for a diverse network: different scientific backgrounds – scientists working in physics, engineering, numerical modelling, together with investigators working in companies – will contribute to meaningful research lines. Participation of young researchers and female investigators is especially expected. SyMat will contribute to the impact of European research on public scientific awareness, societal change and economic development, by granting the know-how of an emerging technology and enabling transfer of results for exploitation.