Teaching Material for the ESoA-SyMat School “Exploiting Symmetries in Artificial Materials for Antenna Applications”

On this page you will find the slides of the classes given during the school.

Here is the program of the week and information, mainly for in-site attendees: school program.

Guido Valerio

Introduction on periodic structures

Higher symmetries in electromagnetics

Mode matching for higher symmetric structures

Homogenization of glide-symmetric metamaterials

Francisco Mesa

Multi-modal transfer-matrix method

Circuit modelling of higher-symmetric periodic structures

Simon Horsley

Maxwell’s equations and symmetry: Group theory in electromagnetism

What happens when two bands meet?: Topology in electromagnetism

Andrea Alù

Tailoring wave propagation in metamaterials with broken symmetries

Oscar Quevedo-Teruel

Glide symmetries for lens antennas

Eva Rajo-Iglesias

Gap waveguide technologies using higher symmetries I

Gap waveguide technologies using higher symmetries II

Enrica Martini

Open stopband suppression

Complementarity, duality and symmetry

PTD symmetry

Astrid Algaba Brazalez

Higher-symmetry research at Ericsson